The Final Frontier: 5 top Antarctica travel experiences for your next trip!

Antarctica Adventure: 5 top experiences for your next expedition

The world’s least visited continent. The final frontier on Earth. A country that stays with you for life.

Welcome to Antarctica! A once in a lifetime experience that leaves a lasting impression on any traveller. Antarctica travel will show you majestic albatrosses, let you explore chilling passages and spectacular glaciers. 

Kayaking Drake Passage

On a calm, flat morning, the Drake Passage will give you one of the most refreshing kayaking trips of your life. In fact, many kayakers consider it a rite of passage that will prove once and for all that you can brave the elements, like a true adventure tourist. Take a gamble, as it is known to be some of the roughest waters in the world at times, and as calm as a lake in others.  


Spotting Penguins – Antarctic Peninsular

The Antarctic Peninsula has some incredible views from their mountains if you can brave them. Else, simply basking in their glory, will be enough to fill you with wonder and excitement. Extending 1,300km at surface, it is the biggest, most prominent peninsula in Antarctica, making it spectacular to see. This region is also rife with wildlife such as penguins and seals and provides the best opportunity for happy snaps. 

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Helicopter Ride

For a birds eye view of the final frontier, those will a little extra cash to splash should look no further than a helicopter ride over the Antarctica Peninsular. Take off from one of the many research bases and glide through icebergs, exquisite natural ice sculptures while trying to spot all the animals from above.

Tour a Research Center – Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are a group of small islands that host a number of research stations. While the climate is not as rough as the mainland, you will still be braving the elements in a cool, winter paradise. While on land tour a research center and learn all about how global warming is impacting this incredible ecosystem. 

Take a dip!

For those who are really brave, the polar plunge on Deception Island dulls any celebration of its kind around the world. Swimming in nothing but bathers in the Antarctic waters may seem like insanity to some, but if you’re up for it, the local cruise companies will accommodate you. It will make for quite a story when you get home!

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Antarctica travel with Travel & Sports Australia

Travel & Sports Australia is sure to provide you with everything you could need for a safe, exciting and memorable journey to Antarctica. It is important to Travel & Sports Australia that you get the most out of your holiday and they ensure that every expedition you go on will keep you well equipped. Thats why out Travel Coordinators are here! They can help you lock in the following:

  • Compare Antarctica expeditions and vessels
  • Flights to Ushuaia
  • Accommodation pre and post your expedition
  • Advice on what to pack – shoes, parkas, jackets etc

Keen to chat? No worries! Let us know and we can organise the rest!


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