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The world’s least visited continent is bound to give you some stories to share at the office

Antarctica Tours

Antarctica will show you majestic albatross and let you explore chilling passages and spectacular glaciers. The Antarctic experts will answer your questions and act as your guide to everything the continent has to offer. TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA will get you to this awe-inspiring land with a fantastic Antarctica travel package.

Things to do in Antarctica

Antarctica is a vast and wondrous land that will take you to many places. With a TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA trip, you know you can expect only the best in holiday experiences. Travel & Sports Australia’s Antarctica travel can take you to:

The Drake Passage

On a calm, flat morning, the Drake Passage will give you one of the most refreshing kayaking trips of your life. In fact, many kayakers consider it a rite of passage that will prove once and for all that you can brave the elements like a true adventure tourist.

The Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula has some incredible views from their mountains if you can brave them. If not, simply basking in their glory will be enough to fill you with wonder and excitement.


The Ushuaia is a great way to see Antarctica. This cruise will show you the wildlife and other natural wonders of this rugged, untamed continent. This expedition is safe and will give you ample storage space in its cabins.

The South Shetland Islands
antarctica expedition travel

The South Shetland Islands are a group of small islands that host a number of research stations. While the climate is not as rough as the mainland, you will still be braving the elements in a cool, winter paradise. For those who are really brave, the polar plunge on Deception Island dulls any celebration of its kind around the world. Swimming in nothing but bathers in the Antarctic waters may seem like insanity to some, but if you’re up for it, the local cruise companies will accommodate you. It will make for quite a story when you get home

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