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We are a group of passionate travel coordinators that pride ourselves on creating unbelievable travel experiences for our clients. Our team are the beating heart of the brand and without them we would simply be bricks and mortar. Below are the values that we live by, values that make Travel & Sports Australia the leaders in Australian sports and incentive travel. 


The only way to keep innovating is to continue to learn. We aim to educated ourselves by our chosen means and pride ourselves on sharing new knowledge amongst the team.


We conduct our business the same way we conduct our lives. We know that trust is something that is earned, that’s why we do business with honesty, reliability and dedication.


We treat every relationship like it matters. We pride ourselves on building relationships with every single one of our clients. We remember the little things and that’s why our customers come back to us, year after year.


We respect our team like they are our family. We care and take the time to display empathy towards one another and listen to all perspectives of our team. Selfless concern for the well-being of our team is the cornerstone of how we do business and it’s a trait that all our team members personify.


From the outset, the Travel & Sports Australia are committed to both serving our clients with the upmost dedication but also the commitment to work to the best of their ability. To work hard. To call on help when its needed. And to see a project through from initial brief to the moment the clients return home from their trip.


TASA’s digital transformation is coming alive! Our staff and Directors have always been committed to the belief that if we continued to invest in technology and build our digital platforms, then we would distance ourselves from our competitors and industry peers.


Travel & Sports Australia is a family-run business and our team is our family. We stick together, back each other and we work as a team. It’s our team that make our clients feel part of the family too.


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