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We are a group of passionate travel coordinators that pride ourselves on creating unbelievable travel experiences for our clients. Our team are the beating heart of the brand and without them we would simply be bricks and mortar. Below are the values that we live by, values that make Travel & Sports Australia the leaders in Australian sports and incentive travel. 


We are committed to innovation through continual learning. We aim to educate ourselves by our chosen means and pride ourselves on sharing new knowledge amongst the team.


We conduct our business the same way we conduct our lives. We believe that trust is something you earn, and that’s why we approach our business with unwavering honesty, reliability, and dedicated commitment.


Every relationship matters to us. We pride ourselves on building connections with each and every one of our clients. It’s the attention to the little things that keeps our customers coming back to us, year after year.


Our team are like family, and we treat them with the respect they deserve. We genuinely care, taking the time to show empathy and listen to every perspective. Selfless concern for the well-being of our team is the cornerstone of how we do business, and it’s a trait that all our team members embody.


From the start, the team at Travel & Sports Australia is committed to serving our clients with the utmost dedication. We’re committed to working to the best of our ability, putting in the hard yards, seeking help when needed, and seeing a project through from the initial brief to the moment our clients return home from their trip.


TASA’s digital transformation is in full swing! Our staff and directors have always believed that by investing in technology and enhancing our digital platforms, we can set ourselves apart from competitors and industry peers.


Travel & Sports Australia is a family-run business and our team is our family. We stick together, back each other and we work as a team. It’s our team that make our clients feel part of the family too.


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