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Layered in history – Africa truly is a destination like no other. From the expansive plains of the  Serengeti to the traditions of the Masai Mara tribe, Africa presents a cultural experience that will leave a lasting impression on any traveller. The sight of thousands of wildebeest sweeping majestically across Kruger National Park will leave an indelible mark, as will the fearsome sound of a lion’s roar in it’s natural habitat. If your stomach does your thinking, you can always stop to chat with vendors in the spice-filled souqs of Marrakech or visit South Africa’s Western Cape to imbibe some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon that Stellenbosch has to offer.


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Masai Mara National Park african tribe

Masai Mura National Park

The world renowned Masai Mara National Park needs little introduction. Nestled just outside of Nairobi – this national park is home to the most diverse range of animals in their natural habitat. While on safari, experience the wonders of the Masai Mara tribe as they perform traditional dances and eating ceremonies.


You will never forget your first encounter with Serengeti National Park. Complete with its vast  plains and the largest collection of lions on the planet, this game park is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. Sit back on safari and watch wildebeest move across the 14,763km2 open plain for the great migration.

marrakech morocco


For a truly unique Moroccan experience, look no further than Marrakech and Chefchaouen – the legendary blue city. Base yourself in a traditional Riad and get lost in local bazaars. Discover the largest open area performance square in Africa (Djemaa El-Fna) as you sit back with a tagine and mint tea.


Take part in the local festivals of Swaziland, which will teach you about its rich history. The nature reserves will also provide you with a fun African safari that will resemble a scene from the Lion King. Zululand is another cultural hub – you may even consider stopping by Drakensburg Mountains or Cape Town while you’re at it.

madagascar lemur


Home of the friendly lemur, Madagascar is an untouched gem with fantastic beaches and local flora and fauna to match. With rainforests and deserts only 30km from the coastline, spend your days lazing on your own beach in the morning before bumping around in a 4WD in search for lemurs and baobab trees in the afternoon.

Drakensburg Mountains

Providing quite possible the most amazing views the world has to offer, the Drakensberg Mountains are an essential stop on your Africa trip, especially if you’re looking for adventure. Each mountain trail is unique and has its own special quality. Your only regret will be that you don’t have enough time to try them all.

south africa garden route

Garden Route

On the southeastern coast of South Africa, you will find the Garden Route, a gorgeous beach with views that will inspire even the most jaded traveller. The name comes from the natural vegetation that surrounds the area. Explore the wealth of nature reserves, try your luck at hiking or whale spotting.


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