African Tours: 6 best kept secrets (and why you need to experience them)

Travel Tips: 6 African best kept secrets (and why you need to experience them in the flesh)

Any trip to Africa will transport you to a land of legends. A land where modern civilisation originated. A land where scenes reminiscent of the Lion King can be experienced first hand and one that remains close to the hearts of all visitors. Africa will offer you the trip of a lifetime, with fascinating culture, wildlife and incredibly unique sights on offer. Before any trip to the motherland, it’s important to have a game plan. As an introduction we recommend a variety of African tours that can include any of the following experiences.

Kruger National Park

Always dreamt of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat? Kruger National Park will make this dream come true. Being the largest game reserve in Africa, spread over 19,000 square kilometers, there is plenty to explore. A fully guided safari will help you navigate the wild, while you try to spot the Big Five – Elephants, Buffalo, Rhinos, Lions and Leopards. Don’t worry, there are great opportunities for you to see them all, as Kruger is home to over 13,000 elephants, 37,000 buffalo, 1,500 lions, 10,000 rhinos, 1,000 leopards, and over 1,000 different animal species! You and your family will be in awe of everything that the Kruger National Park has to offer.

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Kingdom of Swaziland

Did you know that the Kingdom of Swaziland is the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere? But that does not stop it from featuring beautiful landscapes, wildlife, unique traditions, and a rich history.  If you do not have time to stop at Kruger – the Mbuluzi Game Reserve, the Mkhaya Game Reserve, or the Hlane Royal National Park will satisfy the adventurer in you. For culture, tradition, and history seekers, the Shewula Mountain Camp,  Mantenga Cultural Village, and the Reed Dance (happening around August), will show you a taste of Swaziland, from visiting a traditional healer, to taking part in customary celebrations.

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Witch Doctors in Zululand

Zululand provides you with an opportunity to explore the rich and fascinating culture of the Zulus. You can stay at one of the traditional villages such as Shakaland and Dumazulu where visitors can see a sangoma – a ancestral witch doctor, or if lucky, experience a Zulu wedding with its time-honoured dances. Else, for those wanting to spend some time in nature, Zululand is home to many game reserves, such as the Dlinza Nature Reserve, known for its variety of birds, or the Zululand Rhino Reserve, known for its significant black rhino population.

Drakensberg Mountains

Providing quite possibly the most amazing views the world has to offer, the Drakensberg Mountains are an essential stop on your Africa trip, especially if you’re looking for adventure. Serving as a border between KwaZulu Natal, one of South Africa’s provinces, and the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Drakensberg Mountains will astonish you. The Drakensberg Mountains’ tallest peak, at 3482 metres, makes it the highest spot in Southern Africa. Hikers from around the world are in awe of its natural beauty, wildlife diversity, and incredible rock art, left behind by the Bushmen, the region’s original inhabitants.

Drakensburg mountain rolling hills - African Tours

The iconic Garden Route

On the southeastern coast of South Africa, you will find the Garden Route, with its gorgeous beaches and views that will inspire even the most jaded traveller. Make a stop at Addo, the elephant park, built to save the last 11 wild elephants of the region in 1931. Spend the night at Knysna and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the region – being nested between a lagoon and the ocean. And finish off by stopping at Plettenberg Bay to spend time kayaking amongst dolphins, or visit the Birds of Eden and be amazed at the wide variety of colorful birds the reserve homes.

garden route peninsula - Africa tours

Cosmopolitan Cape Town

Make sure you leave some time to spend in Cape Town, one of the most liveable cities in Africa. Be in awe whilst hiking or taking the cable car up one of the new 7 wonders of nature – Table Mountain. Enjoy the amazing South African wine in the many vineyards surrounding Cape Town and go eat out at the famous Waterfront. Else, take a towel and go relax at the beach with the social penguins of Boulders Beach. Or if you are feeling festive, there is always a festival or two going on in Cape Town, like 1st Thursdays, an event where the city keeps the art galleries’ doors open late every first Thursday of the month, for tourists and locals to explore, and enjoy with a glass of wine.  

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Travel & Sports Australia African Tours

Is Africa on the cards in 2017? No worries! Travel & Sports Australia can customise any African tours to get you on your way. Our job is creating memorable journeys for all our clients and we have a team of Travel Coordinators that are happy to help. We can organise the following:

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