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As the rhythm builds and you join in on the spontaneous street performance that erupts in front of you, you quickly realise how contagious this style of life can be.

Welcome to Central America, where the parties are large, the culture is bold and the salsa is sure to sweep you off your feet. Dance your way through this infectious part of the world as you explore the many crumbling facades in Havana, relax on the shores of Caya Caulker or experience Nicaraguan art in Granada.

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The birthplace of salsa, Fidel Castro and cigars – Cuba sits firmly on the top of any travelers’ bucket list. Gaining momentum in the press in recent years – Cuba is a country that will offer travelers a completely authentic experience. Start your engines in Havana exploring the many streets of crumbling buildings then make your way to Trinidad to witness a day in the life of a Cuban. Finally, end your trip on the pristine beaches in Varadero for a well-deserved rest.

Granada, Nicaragua
granada nicaragua central america tours

To experience Nicaraguan art and culture first-hand, look no further than Granada. Take a walk through the many laneways plastered with artists and boutiques, stopping at food vans along the way to taste the local cuisine. Take the time to get to know locals as, chances are, they’ll invite you into their homes for a traditional dinner.

Temples of Tikal, Guatemala
temples of tikal guatemala central america tours

Nothing can compare to a sunrise walk up to the striking temples of Tikal. From it’s steamy jungle setting to its crumbling stone structures, Tikal gives travelers a vivid snapshot of Mayan history and the Lost World Pyramid. Hot tip: watch out for the occasional monkey or fox that roams the grounds.

Caya Caulker, Belize
caya caulker belize central america tours

Nothing seems to phase the locals of Caya Caulker. Their laid back approach sees them welcome travelers with open arms. Small fishing villages dotted with colourful houses and white sand is the perfect spot for those chasing a break. For a great insight into local life we recommend hiring a bike and cruising through villages or go snorkeling through the many nearby reefs. The best part? In Caya Caulker there are no cars allowed! No fumes, no worries!

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Central America


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