Travel Tips: 3 Central American countries that will leave you gobsmacked

Travel Tips: 3 Central American experiences that will leave you gobsmacked (and why you should go before everyone else does)

Central America – an endlessly diverse region covers seven different countries including, Belize, Guatemala, Panamá, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Leaving these countries by the wayside, most travellers skip this slender bridge of countries and beeline to the likes of the Inca Trail, Bolivian Salt Lakes and Rio. Mistakenly leaving Central America behind, this region has remained untouched and promises to reward any traveller who is prepared to give it the time of day.  From its people, to its endless supply of tacos and incredible ruins, Central America is slowly but surely gaining its rightful place on the podium with its fellow compatriots. Below are three unexpected experiences that will transform any trip to this region.

Mayan Ruins

Unexplored Mayan landmarks are scattered throughout the countries, making for some of the most fascinating sightseeing you are likely to do in your life. Quite possibly the most fascinating ruin of all is the great Mayan temple. The Mayans were known for their incredible architectural accomplishments and rich culture that was based on a unique language and advanced understanding of the stars. Go ghost hunting in Xunantunich, located in Belize, or see the well-preserved sculptures in Copán, Honduras.


Roatán – Honduras Bay Islands

Central America is also blessed with beautiful natural assets, perfect for a calm day of relaxation. Roatán is the largest of Honduras’ bay islands and features calm waters that are perfect for diving before you settle down and enjoy a drink on the beach. The rainforests of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica will expose you to some truly stunning vegetation, scenic beaches and rugged corals. Birdwatchers will be glad to see the wide variety of exotic species unique to Central America.


Cruise the Panama Canal

Sail between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in one of the world’s most beautiful and unique water journeys. It took 400 years of dreaming and planning to finally open the Panama Canal and make this cruise possible, and it was well worth the wait. This tour will give you access to the old world cities ashore, as well as all the rainforests, beaches and attractions you cross on this vast stretch of water.


Whether you’re looking to visiting the Mayan Ruins, cruising the Panama or reading on the shores of Roatan, Central America certainly offers something for everyone. Chat to us today and we can help secure your next trip!


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