9 unique gift ideas to reward your best clients this Christmas!

9 unique gift ideas to reward your best clients this Christmas!

It’s that time of the year where you want to thank your top clients. You want a gift that rewards them for all of their hard-earned loyalty over the past year but you know that in this day and age, the branded Parker pen or bottle of wine just won’t cut it. You want to create something truly special that they will remember. To make sure you stay top of mind this year, we’ve dug out 10 unique gift ideas that are sure to impress your clients.

Quick & Unique Gift Ideas

#1 Happy Socks

What better way to say a quick thank you than a pair of your very own happy socks? Offering an array of colours across an extensive range, Happy Socks will keep your clients happy and their feet warm. With socks starting at $10, this is a unique gift idea that is both inexpensive and different.

Unique Gift Ideas - Happy Socks

#2 Amazon Gift Voucher

For the keen Kindle readers – an Amazon gift voucher is a no-brainer. Offering your own list of recommended books will also help personalise this gift. Some of our favourite business book titles to get you started are:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • The 4-hour work week
  • The 80/20 principle
  • The $100 Start Up
  • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Heck, you could even go one step further and buy the kindle itself and load the books above onto the device. Nothing says personalisation more than that!

#3 Hello Fresh Home Deliveries

Building nutritionally balanced recipes based on seasonal produce, Hello Fresh delivers the ingredients straight to your clients’ home. Hello Fresh is a unique client gift and perfect for the health conscious smoothie drinker! Each Hello Fresh box saves your client time and also provides fantastic meals.

Unique Gift Ideas - hello fresh delivery

#4 Travel Gift Voucher

For the client who is an avid traveller consider getting them a travel or sports voucher. Transport them to centre court for the Australian Open or even better drop them in the thick of the action for the 2017 Toyota AFL Grand Final. Give the gift of travel this Christmas.

#5 Donations

Is your client in the non-for-profit sector or an avid volunteer/ activist? If this is the case show your support by making a donation to their chosen charity.

#6 Animal Accessories

Nothing says you care more than knowing all about your client’s pets. A custom designed collar, bed or accessories is the perfect gift to keep your client’s canines and felines looking their best. The team at Lavish Tails offer a range of unbeatable accessories and free delivery around Australia.

Unique Gift Ideas - Pug Animal Accessories

#7 Wine Subscription

The guys at Naked Wines bring to the table some of Australia’s best vino from the very best local vineyards. Choosing to invest in local producers and wineries, Naked Wine does what it does for a great cause. Delivering their best selection each month to your client’s doors, this gift will leave a lasting impression.

Unique Gift Ideas - Naked Wines Subscription

Ultimate Gifts: for the real big spenders

#8 Overseas Incentive Trip

With some clients spending large amounts each year, its only fitting to show your appreciation. What better way than an overseas trip? You could even build this into your contract with them each year and incentivizing them based on a particular tier of spend. We’ve had some great clients introduce a conference and incentive initiative in the past where they have taken their top spenders to Paris, Bali, Vietnam and Fiji.

#9 Flight Upgrades & Frequent Flyer Memberships

Nothing will surprise your client more than if they arrive at the airport and told their flight has been upgraded to business class! Not only will they get a good night’s rest but it’s totally unexpected. For a unique client gift you could also pay for their rewards program membership, such as the Qantas Club, giving them access to all lounges before their flight.

We say ditch the Christmas hampers this year! If you are short for time we have gift vouchers available. Grab one today and give the gift of travel instead.


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