How to create and manage your event budget in no time [Free Download]

How to create and manage your event budget in no time [Free Download]

Imagine for a second that you have just been given the budget for the next company-wide event and its time to find out what to spend it on. Keeping in mind the return on investment, you’ve realised that its not only about stretching the money further but managing the expectations of your bosses (all while delivering an amazing event). How will you organise, plan and track your event budget?

To ensure you can properly manage expectations, tip the money into the right areas and above all – deliver a fantastic event for your company, we’ve created an event budget template that can help you along the way. See this spreadsheet as your go-to to track the following expenses:

  • Guest speakers
  • Food & beverage
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing and promotion of the event
  • Insurance
  • Conference and venue hire – theming, talent hire, audio and visual equipment
  • Travel arrangement for international trips including flights, accommodation and transfers

To add to this budget template, we also have an event planning template that covers how to set up an event, aims, logistics and more.


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