Event Planning Template: a complete to-do list for planning a conference

The ultimate to-do list for planning a conference like a pro [Event Planning Template]

We know that dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s is a challenge when trying to organise any corporate event. An inherent eye to detail is something all conference planners pride themselves on but we know mistakes happen (we’re only human, after all). Our in-house Event Planners use an event planning checklist to streamline their jobs and ensure everything runs according to plan. So we’ve compiled them together into one ultimate, handy go-to-template! See this guide as your bible. Your reference point to make sure everything is accounted for and that you can ultimately impress your guests.

What’s Included

  1. Aims and objectives of the event – what do you want to achieve and how will you achieve these goals?
  2. Event logistics – concepts, expected duration, themes, target audience and more.
  3. Pre-Event considerations – who will require flights, will your team be staying in any off-site accommodation? Where will the conference be held and how will you plan the function?
  4. On the ground event management – staffing needs? Who will be on site for the event?
  5. Budgeting – how much money will you need for each element of your event? This is an important one to get cleared by your bosses. Need some help getting these sorted? We also have a budget template that can help plan your next conference.
  6. Risk management – will insurance be needed to make sure everything goes according to plan?
  7. Post-event considerations and feedback – what does success look like and how will you measure this?

Think of this event planning template as your master guide when organising your next event! Download your own below. Do you need some help with your next event? No worries! We have a team of dedicated Event Planners that are happy to chat.


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