6 reasons why getting help from an event planner can save you time!

6 reasons why getting help from an event planner can save you time (and tears)!

Put your hands up if your upcoming conference is looking like a monstrous task? Perhaps you’re looking at trying to organise an international conference for your company, while cross-referencing hotels, airlines and conference providers all while trying to deliver an experience to management in budget and on time. Brain-overload. We’ve got a list of 6 reasons why getting help from an event planner can save you time (and definitely tears).

An Event Planner Will Save You Time

When you consider the large amount of potential products and options needed to put together that proposal for management, things can get overwhelming. Accommodation, conference venues, themes, budgets, branding and cultural activities all adds up. Comparing options takes time. That’s why an event planner put time back in your hands by using their network of suppliers to bring together tailored options in a timely manner.

An Event Planner will save you time

Technology is at Their Fingertips

Event coordinators have systems in place to automate group processes, such as online customer registration portals that can be sent out to your employees. They also have inventory systems that talk to all suppliers in real-time. Unless your company have these internal systems working in harmony, employing an event planner will save you the tedious tasks of entering every employees details individually and reporting to that long list of suppliers.

Competitive Pricing

Economies of scale mean that event management companies demand a lower price for conference rooms, cultural activities, event hire, accommodation and flights (If its an international event). The cost per head is lower because of their wide web of suppliers. This is definitely something that should be considered when thinking about costs, especially if you are trying to pass a budget past management.


For larger events, event planners know that some companies have internal marketing/ PA teams that can definitely help make large scale projects a success. Any corporate event company will work closely with the client to work through who will take on what and the level of involvement that the marketing/ PA team would like in the process. As an example, some of our clients like to keep all the branding and special touches in house, while leaving the nitty gritty accommodation, venues hire, and event planning to us. In a nutshell, event planners can take on as little or as much as you need.

Event Planners Are On-Call

There is nothing worse than when tables don’t arrive or a guest speaker goes walkabout, that’s why a dedicated event planner is on call for the duration of the conference. Our event team take this one step further and travel with our clients to destinations worldwide to make sure everything goes according to plan. This level of support means our clients marketing/ PA teams can sit back, enjoy the conference like any other employee on the day!

They take Corporate Conferences to Another Level

Our conference organisers like to stay ahead of the curve and are constantly finding new ways to blow the minds of our customers. They’re always researching new venues, locations and methods to create memorable experiences. Recently we organised an amazing race through the laneways of Dan Nang in Vietnam as part of an annual conference. Cool, huh? Check out some of our favourite corporate events that we’ve organised for our clients.

Cocktails at an event organised by an event planner

We know all too well how corporate event planning can stress anyone out and that’s why event planners are around. They help deliver conferences that engage and entertain and companies top assets – their people. If you like how this sounds, we would love to chat about your next conference and goals.

To help save you time, download our event planner to-do-list today and stay up to date on your next event.


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