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Marine Tours

TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA’s marine holiday packages will ensure you get the most out of any water activities available in your area. There’s a large number of cruises that will keep you cool as you sail between destinations. You can take a surfing trip in Maldives, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the sport, the breaks in the area can cater to your skill level. Chill out and book one a marine holiday package with TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA today.

Things to do in Marine

There are a wide variety of marine holiday packages offered by TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some time in the pool or take an amazing cruise to see fascinating wildlife and natural attractions, there is a marine vacation waiting to be enjoyed by you.

Vietnam and Cambodia

There are a range of cruises that combine excitement with sophistication. Travel between Vietnam and Cambodia via the Lower Mekong River, where you won’t only get to enjoy the marine activities but also see the best of both countries. Learn all about the local culture and their practices. Cruises are also offered in Europe, Australia and you can even experience a round the world trip, all arranged by TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA.


For the ultimate marine holiday experience, book your Antarctica Classic tickets to enjoy the world’s best water activities. If the weather is permitting, you can kayak through Drake Passage for the ultimate boating challenge. If you’re feeling really brave and looking to get involved with a true test of your mettle, try the Antarctic Polar Plunge, where you run into the waters wearing only your bathers. The icy cold waters are bound to make you feel exhilarated.

Surfing in the Maldives

TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA’s Surfing Tours in the Maldives are an excellent way of making the most of the diverse set of beaches in the area. Club Med Kani is great for people of all skill levels. The different breaks are divided into ‘Jail Breal’, ‘Sultan’, ‘Chicken’ and ‘Honkeys’, so you can be sure that you are catered for in this luxurious resort. The sparkling blue waters are beautiful and definitely worth a look for surf grommets everywhere.

Chilling in the Maldives

The Club Med All Inclusive Sun Resorts package will let you chill out by the pool on a private island. You can also stay in the Finolhu Villas in Maldives, which put you right on the waters. See the local marine life or simply stretch out on the enormous beaches.

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