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Family Travel Packages

Taking your kids on holiday can be stressful. Will they get bored? How do we make them sit still? What if they don’t like the food? Will it be expensive? Luckily, the variety of family holidays offered by TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA can give you some piece of mind, giving you the best deals available and ensuring there are many activities your kids will love. Who knows? You may even be able to get some alone time as a couple while they’re off having the time of their lives. Contact TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA today to find out more about family holidays and the packages offered.

What you will do on your Family Travels

A family holiday needs to be able to appeal to everyone’s vacation needs so that they can come back to work or school refreshed and happy. With a variety of events and activities to keep both children and adults happy, these holiday packages are bound to give everyone something to talk about when they get back to the real world.

Club Med Sahoro is a popular resort for families that will give everyone something to do. The grown ups can take advantage of the all day open bar, parties and shows while the kiddies can join the Children’s Clubs and take advantage of the snow sports lessons and amenities. In fact, all Club Med family resorts provide high quality childcare that will make sure the adults can have time to themselves.

Got any sports fans in the family? Take them on a sporting trip around the country. Whether they’re into Rugby, AFL, Motorsport or Cricket, there is a sporting package that will let them cheer their team on live and at the game. Even sporting events overseas can be easily accessible with a TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA sports package.

Your kids will also love the cruises available on TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA’s holiday packages. In particular, the True North Cruising package, which will take your family around the Kimberley, will be educational and fun for your children. They will get to see cultural events, go through scenic walks and enjoy the boat trip. If you really want to give them the experience of the lifetime, take them to Antarctica, where they can experience cruising in spacious cabins and see wildlife they can’t see anywhere else. They will definitely have something to brag about to their friends when they get back from their trip.

TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA can provide your family with a vacation that is affordable, fun and educational. Find out more about TRAVEL & SPORTS AUSTRALIA’s family holiday packages today.


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Family Travel Packages

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