Why you should go on a cruise

Why a cruise?


The idea of a cruise can be daunting for some and exciting for others but, why should people choose a cruise over a regular holiday? Cruises do have their similarities and differences to a regular vacation but, in most scenarios it’s the differences that overshadow a normal getaway. These differences have skyrocketed the cruise industry and here’s four major reasons why we think you should book a cruise for your next holiday.

Excellent value

The amount of money we spend on eating out, transportation, accommodation and entertainment whilst travelling can add up to be an overly excessive amount. One major benefit of booking a cruise is that all these costs are included in your initial package. The only extra expenses you will most likely have to pay are your off-shore activities and alcoholic beverages. Even though you may pay a slightly higher amount for the cruise, realistically if you divide up the package cost and compare it to a regular vacation cost, it will most likely work out to be cheaper. Keeping in mind this package cost is not only accommodation, transportation and drinks, it’s also activities, entertainment and endless trips to the pool so, the value of your package is quite amazing.

No hassle

The best part about going on a cruise is that everything is done for you. You don’t have to worry about where you’ll go for lunch or what to do with the kids, everything you need is right in front of you. For those who are craving a relaxing get away as well as wanting to travel the world and adventure, a cruise is the perfect vacation for you. All you have to worry about is ordering your next drink and deciding where to layout on the boat. The whole idea is stress-free with minimal planning and activities showcasing all the right ingredients for a fun and adventurous trip. Even from the little things like unpacking between places, on a cruise you can unpack once and see multiple countries with the same suitcase set up.

Family friendly

Depending on the cruise you book, most are appropriate for the entire family. They have a variety of entertainment and activities for the kids to enjoy to give the parents some time to relax. There are a variety of different adult areas where you can relax and spend some time to yourselves but, if you still have that bit of kid left in you there are plenty of fun activities you can try. Most cruises also offer teen hangouts away from the little ones so that they can enjoy free time as well. Spending time alone is well needed during parts of your trip but, there is also a great amount of activities you can all do together as a family. Whether it’s an off-shore adventure or simply some family activities on the boat. Cruises really do offer a wide range for families and will definitely be a trip of a lifetime for everyone no matter what age.


Going on a cruise is a fantastic way to meet new people from just about anywhere. The social environment is always booming on a cruise and whether it’s full of families or singles the chance of meeting new people is inevitable. When you think about it, you all have one thing in common already so it’s always easy to start a conversation with someone and if you’re by the bar, well that’s two things you have in common. For those of you looking for a singles cruise, you may even find that special someone to sweep you off your feet and if you’ve already got that, why not book a romantic cruise for yourself and your loved one.

If you have any questions about taking a cruise, you can contact our team, they’ll be delighted to help you out or you can check our cruise options.


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